Final Fire Safety Certificates
The assessment of essential fire safety measures must have been carried out within the period of three (3) months prior to the date on which a final fire safety certificate is issued.
The choice of person to carry out an assessment is up to the owner of the building.
A person who carries out an assessment must:


  • Inspect and verify the performance of each fire safety measure being assessed;
  • Test the operation of each new item of equipment installed in the building premises that is included in the current fire safety schedule for the building.
A final fire safety certificate issued in relation to work that has been authorised or required by a development consent, construction certificate, or fire safety order need not deal with any essential fire safety measure that is the subject of some other final fire safety certificate or fire safety statement issued within the previous six (6) months, unless the person who issues the development consent, construction certificate, or fire safety order, determines otherwise.

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