Priority 1 Fire Consulting...

is a Sydney based fire consultancy company, specialising in fire safety audits for all class of buildings and types of fire safety equipment including; sprinkler systems, fire detection systems, hydrants, hose reels, extinguishers, emergency evacuation lighting and fire doors.

David Bunning has been in the fire protection industry for over 35 years from installing, servicing and testing of mechanical fixed fire systems, design, special hazards (fixed CO2, Halon, Inergen, FM200, NAFSIII and Ansul kitchen systems), estimating, quoting, supervising, project managing and building surveys.

David has also been involved with the NSW Fire Brigade at some of the largest fires that Sydney has had in the last 25 years including Grace Bros mid city, CSR Distillery and Hordern Bros mid city.

David has previously worked for two of the largest fire protection contractors in Australia and has conducted fire service assessments on a number of large government and public buildings. He is experienced in  conducting fire service assessments on  residential buildings, high-rise commercial premises and industrial premises, ranging from small industrial workshops through to major production plants.

Priority 1 Fire Consulting provide a full range of independent consulting services and offer highly competitive rates.



  • Annual fire safety audits and surveys
  • Fire safety risk assessments for Environmental Health & Safety compliance
  • Fire safety upgrade advice
  • Council document searches
  • Liase with fire protection companies for fire safety rectifications or upgrades
  • Witness annual interface testing
  • Independent fire safety advise
  • We provide a fully independent survey of all fire protection equipment to ensure compliance with the original design specifications is maintained.
  • We can reduce the costs associated with annual surveys by assessing all essential fire safety measures during a single site visit.
  • We can verify your testing results meet design specifications.
  • We offer various types of reports to suit different customer needs ranging from a full descriptive report for building owners/agents, through to a simplified version that lists the non-compliance issues for fire contractors at a reduced rate.
Priority 1 Fire Consulting
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